CHILDREN FAMILY SERVICES » Whitman County Parent to Parent

Mission: We walk alongside those parenting children with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs, connecting them with peer support and information so they can take the next step.
Vision: All families of children with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs deserve encouragement, inclusion and meaningful connections that support family well-being.
  • We believe parents and caregivers want the best for their families and have the creativity and capacity to overcome challenges and celebrate successes. 
  • We commit to creating safe spaces for reflection, vulnerability, questioning and ongoing learning for parents and caregivers.
  • We practice inclusion and respect for all with a commitment to listen fully and learn from the diverse viewpoints of the families we serve.
  • We honor the rewarding and challenging work of parents, caregivers and community partners. 
  • We engage community partnerships through outreach, listening and education to encourage inclusive communities where families can thrive.
  • We promote building communities that are equitable, non-biased and socially healthy where all families and children can live inclusive, safe and fulfilling lives.