The IFSP is often referred to as the “heart” of early intervention. The Individual Family Service Plan or IFSP is developed when a child qualifies for Early Intervention services. This is a collaborative effort with the child and family at the heart and a team of professionals to help guide and develop a plan to support the child in meeting their developmental goals. The IFSP contains the roadmap in which services will be delivered to meet the outcomes set for the child. The outcome(s) are designed to support your child’s development during every day routines and activities. 

An IFSP meeting will be scheduled with the parents and Early Intervention team to develop the IFSP plan. At this meeting the team will review parent reports, discuss observations and assessments, and establish goals or outcomes and services to meet the child’s needs. 

The information contained in an IFSP include but are not limited to:

  • Family and child’s daily routines
  • Family’s strengths and resources
  • Parent’s ideas, concerns, and priorities
  • Evaluations completed by professionals
  • Outcomes: aims designed to support the child’s development
  • Services to meet the outcome, frequency, methods and length of visits
  • Timelines in which services will be delivered and outcomes will be reviewed  
  • Parent’s rights and responsibilities

An IFSP is both a roadmap and an agreement of services between the Early Intervention agency and the family. The IFSP is reviewed at least every six months, and is rewritten on an annual basis.

For more resources about parent’s rights and the IFSP process visit:

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You can also call and talk with one of ourFamily Resources Coordinators (FRC) at 509-332-4420