Pre-Employment Services provide participants the chance to gain personal and professional work skills in a non-competitive, tolerant work environment.  Working age adults with disabilities (16 yrs.-retirement) who are in need of transitional employment and who have identified community based, competitive employment as a future goal, can elect to utilize Boost Collaborative’s pre-employment training programs as a means to prepare them for their future employment relationships.

Participants are individuals who at the time, have a need to learn work skills with consistent supervison and ongoing support. Participants work in both community and work-center environments. The combination of these work environments introduce participants to progressively challenging and individualized work strategy.  Wages earned for their work performed may be at or below state minimum wage levels depending on the participant’s current capacity to produce work and stay on task. Boost Collaborative carefully monitors personal productivity in accordance with state and federal laws. 

Individual, small and large group settings are common team atmospheres in pre-employment services.  In addition to center-based work, mobile work crew and community based retail environments provide progressively challenging work.   Non-disabled co-workers and volunteers are routinely within the environment to model positive work behavior and inclusion.

The timeline (duration) of these services are individualized according the needs of the participant and his/her desire to pursue community-based, competitive employment. 

How to Apply:

If you are interested in enrolling in these services please follow the link below, or contact Teresa Driver the Program Director at Boost Collaborative's Employment Support Services at 509-332-6561. 

Participants are typically funded by a local/state agency such as Whitman County Developmental Services, as authorized and approved by Washington Developmental Disability Administration (DDA).