Job Development and Placement services from Boost Collaborative are services that assist working age adults with disabilities, or other barriers to employment, identify and pursue job opportunities that can meet the employment goals of the participant.  Job development staff customize support for the participant according to the job seeker's skills and abilities to find a job.  From consulting a job seeker to facilitating an application and interview on behalf of the job seeker, the Job Developer will support the participant during their pre-employment status.  Supports are provided to ensure that Job Placement is achieved when the new employee shows up to their first day of employment in their new position.

Training and follow-along supports are services to help the new employee learn and retain the skills necessary to keep the job.  Boost Collaborative staff will coordinate orientation and training according to the needs of the new employee and the requests of the employer.  Training may be as little as an introduction to the job site or as much as accompanying the new employee on a daily basis to learn each task on each day during the learning phase of the new job.  A support plan will customize the participant's follow-up supports according to the needs of the participant and the desire of the employer.  The plan will include the initial training period, post training and follow-up support as allowed in the participant’s funding plan.

Supported Employment services or Individual Supported Employment (ISE) are services mentioned above, but are designed for individuals with developmental disabilities who need intensive training and follow-up supports for an ongoing and indefinite term.  Services can include job discovery and pre-employment training and consultation, job placement and on-the-job training and supports.  Supports may continue when the participant is between jobs while awaiting replacement in their next professional pursuit.  All services and supports are designed for community based, competitive jobs.

If you would like to know more about these services or the process of application, Boost Collaborative is a contracted provider to Washington State or Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and can direct you to their application process.  If eligible, long term supports may be funded through Washington State Developmental Disability Administration (DDA).