Boost Collaborative can provide on-the-job training and follow-up of an employee for a business who hires through Boost Collaborative.  Training Specialists (a.k.a. Job Coaches) can assist the employer with orientation and training of their new employee referred by Boost Collaborative.  The Job Coach will set up a training plan for the new employee which can include 3 phases:  The initial learning period, or training phase, the fade-out phase; and the follow-up phase.  The training phase is the initial training that is needed to train a typical employee.  The Job Coach can accompany the new employee until the new employee demonstrates that they have learned their job duties and is able to perform their duties without the presence of the Job Coach.  The fade-out phase:  This is the period that the Job Coach reduces time on the job site after initial training to let the new employee work independently with occasion to re-engage with the employee where additional training is needed. The final training phase is follow-up:  Follow-up or ongoing support is provided to the new employee from the day the employee and employer agree that the Job Coach should fade-out and begin intermittent visits to observe the new employee’s performance over time and communicate with the employer or a supervisor to help ensure the employee is successful on the job. Contact can vary from daily to bi-weekly contact from the Training Specialist.

Training can also include training of co-workers, or “natural supports” to encourage the team of co-workers to support the new employee and improve the likelihood of job success.