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Boost Collaborative helps local businesses find and keep capable employees that value their job and view their employment relationship as an important aspect of their lives.  This refreshing perspective gives the employer personnel who care about their job, fulfill their job duties, and help motivate other employees around them with their positive attitudes.

Services to employers:

Recruitment:  Boost Collaborative can serve your business by matching capable, motivated employees into full or part-time positions in your organization by learning about your personnel needs and then matching job ready candidates into open positions that you make available to Boost Collaborative. This custom recruiting and matching process helps reduce the time and expense of training and retraining employees by reducing turnover in your organization.

Some employers keep Boost Collaborative as a personnel resource for prospective employees.  We become familiar to their work environment, so when the employer is interested in filling a position it is convenient to call Boost Collaborative.

Job Analysis:  For some accommodating employers, jobs can be created after a workplace analysis discovers that common daily tasks of coworkers can be clustered together to create a position that meets the particular strengths and skills of a prospective employee available through Boost Collaborative.  Known as Job Carving, grouping daily tasks enables the employer to ask coworkers to release less technical tasks from their daily routine and step up to higher level or more complex tasks.  For example, an office environment in which employees do their own copying by default may carve out a position with a primary task of copying for the entire office.  This analysis can save the employer countless recruitment hours by making use of existing employees for higher level duties.

Job Training:  Boost Collaborative can also provide on-the-job training of a new employee hired from Boost Collaborative.  Training Specialists (a.k.a. Job Coaches) can assist the employer with orientation and training of their new employee referred by Boost Collaborative.  The Job Coach will set up a training plan for the new employee which can include 3 phases:  The initial learning period, a.k.a. the training phase; the fade-out phase and the follow-up phase.  Training can also include training of co-workers, or “natural supports” to encourage the team of employees to support the new employee and improve the likelihood of job success. 

Job assessment/Trial Work Experience:  Boost Collaborative helps bring hope to people with disabilities through employment that can transform lives.  Employers can be a partner in this transformative experience by serving up their job site as an opportunity for the participant to have a “trial work experience” in different industries (e.g. food service industry, hospitality industry).  This short work experience also gives Boost Collaborative’s Employment Service staff and the referring counselor a chance to assess the skills, aptitudes and motivation of the participant before they sponsor and support them as a prospective employee to area businesses.  Lastly, it gives employers a chance to see the capabilities of a prospective employee before making a commitment to hire.  A Training Specialist will accompany the prospective employee to the worksite during a trial work period.

Workplace diversity:  A diverse workplace adds an immeasurable dimension to the culture and dynamics of a workplace.  Boost Collaborative can help contribute to building a positive culture in your business by referring people with disabilities for consideration of hiring.  Past employers have commented about how hiring through Boost Collaborative helps improve work place morale and contributes to a greater sense of teamwork among staff members.

Consultation:  Boost Collaborative can assist employers with eligibility and application of work opportunity tax credits, assistive technology and information and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If you would like to learn more about the employment services of Boost Collaborative and potentially be a participating employer, contact Teresa Driver- Employment Support Services Program Director at 509-332-6561.