Community Inclusion/Engagement

What is the Community Inclusion/Engagement Program?

Community Inclusion/Engagement is designed to help individuals to optimize their personal, social, and vocational competency to live successfully in the community.

Individuals served are active partners in determining the activities they desire to participate in, therefore, the setting can be informal to reduce barriers between staff members and persons served. 



Community Inclusion/Engagement provides opportunities for the community participation of the individuals served.

The organization defines the scope of these services and supports based in the identified needs and desires of the individuals. 

This may include services for the individual who without this option are at risk of receiving services full-time in more restrictive environments with intensive levels of supports such as hospitalization or nursing home care.


Our Vision:

People of all abilities connecting to their communities and realizing their potential

Our Purpose:

To provide flexible, innovation and personalized options to individuals.

Our Principles:

  •  Equality and Inclusion
  •  Dignity and Respect
  •  Empowerment
  •  Integrity


The person participating in services/activities moves towards optimal use of:

  • Natural supports
  • Self-Help
  • Greater self-sufficiency or a slowing of the decline associated with aging
  • Greater choices
  • Greater control of their lives
  • Participation in the community


                   DIfferences Between the Programs

Community Inclusion-County Contracted

Authorized via County Services

Is not respite

Must be 62 or older

OR    have tried employment unsuccessfully (9 mo)

Cannot be employed

Can be in a Group Home 

Service hours range from 3-20

Discovery process

Person Centered Plan

Can be provided for up to 2-3 people with similar interest, and meets guidelines of integrated setting, local community and ability to contribute and develop relationships


Community Engagement-Provider One/Medicaid Contract

Can be considered a type of respite with a goal

Short Term services

Not for folks on a Core Waiver (Group home)

For folks on Basic Plus Waiver

For folks on IFS-Individual and Family Services

For folks in nursing facilities (PASRR)

Can be employed

Service hours are based on 1 yr and can be used in blocks (i.e. 90 days of summer)

Service hours determined by case managers

Overall goal determined by individual, listed in service plan

Services cannot be provided with more than one person at a time (no group outings)