Mission Statement

Palouse Industries will provide education, training, and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities residing in Whitman and Latah Counties in order to assist them to attain their highest possible socioeconomic level in the community.

Purpose Statement

Palouse Industries serves as a model for areas businesses and service providers to see children and adults with special needs as contributing members of our society. Ideally, Palouse Industries strives for the day when supports will be available in each preschool, business, public agency, and charitable organization that would sufficiently serve the needs of people with disabilities. Until then we are at the service of our community, state, local municipalities and families.

Program Managers

Contact icon for Eric
Executive Director
(509) 332-6561

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Business Manager
(509) 332-6561

Contact icon for Sue
Director of Children and Family Services
(509) 332-4420

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Employment Services Coordinator
(509) 332-6561

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