Mission Statement

Palouse Industries will provide education, training, and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities residing in Whitman and Latah Counties in order to assist them to attain their highest possible socioeconomic level in the community.

Purpose Statement

Palouse Industries serves as a model for areas businesses and service providers to see children and adults with special needs as contributing members of our society. Ideally, Palouse Industries strives for the day when supports will be available in each preschool, business, public agency, and charitable organization that would sufficiently serve the needs of people with disabilities. Until then we are at the service of our community, state, local municipalities and families.

Program Managers

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Executive Director
(509) 332-6561

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Business Manager
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Director of Children and Family Services
(509) 332-4420

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Employment Services Coordinator
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Code of Ethical Conduct

To promote the highest standards of professional conduct, staff agree to uphold these codes of ethics during service:

  1. We will not discriminate in the provision of services on the basis of disability, race, national origin, religion, creed, gender, age, veteran status, marital status, or sexual orientation.
  2. We will treat the participant with respect and we will relate to each person served as a unique individual.
  3. We will uphold the participant’s well-being as paramount and consider their individuality in program service goals and outcomes.
  4. We will only recommend, support, or implement services that will not expose the participant to unreasonable risk, exploitation, and/or personal injury. If risks are apparent, he/she will be fully informed of such risks.
  5. When recommending services, we will fully involve the participant, and/or their advocate, and inform them of all reasonable options available, including costs.
  6. We will issue only objective and truthful statements regarding services; and I will seek only deserved, honest and reasonable monetary reimbursement for agency services.
  7. We will fully and accurately disclose to the participant and/or their representative(s), when asked, our qualifications to serve them directly.
  8. We will provide services only within the scope of our competency, taking into account our education, experience, and training and recognize the limits of our skills and knowledge in this profession.
  9. We will collaborate with other providers from other professional disciplines to assist in the delivery of services to meet the participant’s needs.
  10. We will make only those professional commitments and agreements that the agency can fulfill, and carry out those obligations in a timely way.
  11. We will respect the participant’s right to privacy and we will not release information about them without their expressed, written permission. We will preserve the confidentiality of their personal records, unless disclosure is required by law, or for their protection or the protection of the public.
  12. We will not engage in conduct that reflects adversely on our profession or calls into question my fitness to serve the participant.
  13. We will avoid any action, intentional or accidental, professional or personal, that would exploit the reliance and trust of the participant in agency services.
  14. We will make every effort to avoid personal relationships with the people we serve that could influence or compromise our professional judgment, or create a real or perceived conflict of interest. We will excuse ourselves from service, if necessary.
  15. We will not retaliate against a participant and/or guardian or coworker if a complaint or grievance is filed in good faith against us.
  16. We will meet or exceed the standards of care within this service industry and comply with the laws and policies that guide professional practice.

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