Mission Statement

Palouse Industries will provide education, training, and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities residing in Whitman and Latah Counties in order to assist them to attain their highest possible socioeconomic level in the community.

Purpose Statement

Palouse Industries serves as a model for areas businesses and service providers to see children and adults with special needs as contributing members of our society. Ideally, Palouse Industries strives for the day when supports will be available in each preschool, business, public agency, and charitable organization that would sufficiently serve the needs of people with disabilities. Until then we are at the service of our community, state, local municipalities and families.

Program Managers

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Executive Director
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Business Manager
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Director of Children and Family Services
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Employment Services Coordinator
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What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment (SE) finds and supports individuals in community based employment opportunities for eligible individuals with any type of mental health, developmental or physical disability that creates a barrier to employment. Participants are typically funded by a state agency such as Washington State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (WDVR), or Whitman County Developmental Services.

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As a support organization, Palouse Industries develops jobs based on an individual’s skills, aptitudes and interests. Placement and follow-up services are tailored to help each participant obtain and continue employment in a community business, manufacturing, or service industry.

Participants are matched with an individual Training Specialist that assists with on-the-job training, provides ongoing support to the new employee, trains employers and co-workers to foster a better support network for the customer while at work, and assists with reasonable job modifications of the work site or job tasks.

Some customers will have the opportunity to be referred into an intensive education and job placement program called Project SEARCH. This program provides 12 weeks of social and other job related skills training and then places the student in one of several participating community employers. The Project SEARCH students work in community environments with the support of their teacher/training specialist.

In Supported Employment the customer experiences the benefits and responsibilities of community based employment.

Some Benefits of Individual Employment include:

Some responsibilities to consider as an employee include:

Inherent in this service choice a risk of loss of job and periods of unemployment may occur.

How to Apply

Below are various agencies that can refer to and sponsor Palouse Industries’ Supported Employment services. If you are interested in being involved with SE please follow the links below.

All customers must be recommended by any of the following:

*Note: To make applying for services easier please have a valid, state issued picture ID, social security card, and an up-to-date resume or work history.

A Partial list of Participating Community Employers

Accredited since 2005

Supported in part by United Way

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