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Boost Collaborative

Strategic Plan

July 2017 – June 2020 


The following is an excerpt of a more comprehensive strategic plan that helps guide the leadership of Boost Collaborative to pursue excellence in the next three years. Areas of focus include business processes, profitability, people, and products/services:

Organizational Development and Leadership (process)

Board Governance (process)

Financial Health (profitability) 

Public Relations and Marketing (process and people)

Program/Service Vitality (product, people, and profit)

Personnel (people)

Mission Statement: Through meaningful education, employment, and support, Boost Collaborative will engage individuals with disabilities in order to promote full participation in community life. 

Vision for 2020:  To maintain our position of premiere provider of adult vocational rehabilitative services and early intervention services to infants and toddlers with developmental delays and their families in Whitman and Garfield counties. 

Background Information:

Boost Collaborative is a private, not-for-profit agency that serves a critical need in the Whitman County area of providing early intervention services for children birth to three, and employment, job placement, job training and follow-along supports for working-age adults with disabilities.

Boost Collaborative has been successful in maintaining viability as an organization because of the showing of strong financial support from Boost Collaborative supporters during its annual dinner and key fundraising event in March of each year. In addition, the establishment of a social entrepreneurial project through its thrift store, Palouse Treasures since 2003, has allowed Boost Collaborative to diversify its funding stream from state and federal funds to a more diversified mix. 

The strengths of the agency can be seen in the support of friends and families of the children and adults we serve. In addition, the dedication and longevity of service of staff helps ensure quality of services to its customers. A small but effective Board of Directors governs the agency through its agent, the Executive Director, who has been in the position 30 years. 

This strategic plan addresses the challenges that were first identified in 2009, and later updated through a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis from key stakeholders: staff, board, parents of customers, referring state case managers and contractor representatives. Updated annually with various stakeholders’ input to remain relevant, this plan addresses: Organizational Development, Effective Leadership, Financial Growth, Public Awareness, Service Vitality and Effectiveness, and Personnel.  

Today, the agency is experiencing stability in its contracting relationships, but cannot become complacent in its efforts to grow and increase its capacity to serve more people. Boost Collaborative will outline its actions to meet the growing demands in this Strategic Plan. In part, the following goals have been identified: 

Organizational Development and Leadership  

Vision: To improve the efficacy of the agency's leadership through organizational design and leadership skills. 

Board Governance: 

Vision: To empower the Board to plan and direct the future of the agency and offer the agency consistent and sustainable leadership resources.


  1. Design the ideal Board for Boost Collaborative through review and planning of skillsets. 

  1. Recruit 7 additional Board members. 

  1. Create a coordinating committee to develop & maintain a current & relevant strategic plan. 

  1. Provide on-going Board training and development to improve governing skills of its members. 

Financial Health :

Vision: To plan, develop, and ensure sustainability of the agency’s mission and service through its financial stability.


  1. Create social entrepreneurial adventures

  1. Maximize local group and individual contributions.

  1. Maximize funding through government sources.

  1. Develop long term investment strategies and financial assets. 

Public Relations/Awareness:  

Vision: To improve awareness of the meaningful contributions people with disabilities offer the community and the valuable service the agency provides. 


  1. Raise awareness of the agency within the service area. 

  1. Upgrade/maintain website 

  1. Grow the level of support by improving contact with new and existing donors of Boost Collaborative 

Program/Service Vitality: 

Vision: To maintain the agency’s position of premiere provider of services for children with developmental delays and adults with disabilities. 


  1. Activate the Board Programs Review Committee to develop & maintain a quality review process of services. 

  1. Improve Employment Services to maintain its premier provider position in Whitman County 

  1. The Children and Family Support Services will improve to maintain our premier birth to three early intervention services provider status in Whitman & Garfield Counties. 

  1. Palouse Treasures will strive to be the premiere thrift store in Pullman.


Vision: Inspire staff to contribute to the furtherance of the mission and purpose of the agency.


  1. Transform the “culture” of Boost Collaborative to be a highly desirable place to work

  1. Improve capacity of service staff and management through use of volunteers and interns. 

  1. Develop methods and technical resources to enhance corporate communication.