Aaron Success Story

Aaron was introduced to employment support services when he was referred to Boost via a School Contract to learn work skills, during this time he completed Pathways to Employment Soft Social Skill training in 2016- 2017.

Unfortunately, in October 2017 there was a great deal of change occurring  in transition services, many students didn’t weather this storm as well,  Aaron and his family advocated for him to obtain DVR services.

Aaron returned to Boost via DVR services within 5 months and he completed a Community Based Assessment, which quickly lead to Job Placement Service and Intensive Job Training Services. This concluded his DVR services and he was transferred to his long term supports via the Developmental Disability Administration.  Aaron continues to maintain his job with the City of Colfax and thrives in employment that allows him full inclusion in his community and full responsibility as a member of the city lawn and grounds team. During the off season in the winter, Aaron is afforded opportunities to engage in snow removal work while waiting for Spring to arrive.